SEO Services

Traffic is in the Details

Our sites are designed with traffic in mind. We develop every site with a focus on completing the basic steps of good on-page SEO. This provides guidance and models for how the client should approach content, titles, page URLs, image alt tags, etc. Basic on-page SEO provides a context for a more serious key-phrase / competitor focused SEO project.

An Adaptive SEO methodology

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to maximize traffic to the website for specific targeted key-phrases. Every SEO approach is different and has to be customized for a client’s particular needs and competitive environment. We must be in agreement that the opportunity is likely to justify the cost before proceeding with SEO projects.

Envision Phase

Includes SEO Audit, competitive analysis, keyphrase analysis & ranks. This phase discovers the state of your website and social media relative to your competition, and identifies the activities & key phrases on which to focus. At the end of the Envision Phase we should have a sufficient information to make a decision on whether your company is a good candidate for SEO.


Each Sprint is a subproject, focused on expanding your Search and Social Media visibility and authority for a limited number of prioritized key phrases by using all available inbound marketing methods – on-site SEO, off-site SEO (link-building, etc.), content strategy, and social media strategy and automation. There may be 2 to 12 Sprints in a project, depending on project duration and budget. Sprints prioritize work for quick results and maximum impact.


SEO is customized to the client.